CATDIM Creative Advertising


Creative Advertising Through Deployable Interactive Media

We’ve been collaborating with local artists to create a new form of promotion for artists, venues, and businesses, and the result of that collaboration is CATDIM.

In a nutshell, we design any logo into various 3D printed tokens, one of which we call a Drop; we then put a QR code on the back of the Drops that directs to any URL/website. The Drops can link to singles, albums (free or pay), videos, events, products, surveys, electronic business cards, or any other website (except porn).

If you’d like to discuss a project, contact us here.


A collection of Drops
A collection of Drops
More Drops
More Drops


There are several forms of tokens, with the Drop being the smallest and most affordable. The Style Play can be worn as a necklace or bracelet, and the Dapps is in a ring format. The most elaborate offering is the Jamulet, which houses an MP3 player with 4GB of space.

MP3 control on back
MP3 control on back

Utilizing state of the art technologies, we work with businesses and artists to create custom three dimensional promotional merchandise that encourages target interaction through tangibility and modern distribution techniques. Our interactive promotional merchandise empowers clients with the Internet of Things, leading to both physical interest and web traffic to any desired domain.

Cost effective and sustainable, our customizable products are paired with flexible pricing, making CATDIM the promotional “power move” any business/artist can afford to make in order to reach specific advertising goals. Aesthetic merchandising as small as a coin has the ability to bring awareness to your business, product, or event.

CATDIM provides exciting ways to enhance your promotional ideas, and we stand out as an intriguing solution to the problem of staying current with today’s increasingly technologically-immersed consumer market.

CATDIM: creating the desire your product deserves.


Custom Drops

Designed to order, these coin-sized 3D tokens direct traffic to any specified URL via the QR code on the back.

300 Drops ————- $250

625 Drops ————- $500

1,350 Drops ———  $1000

2,850 Drops ———- $2000

4,600 Drops ———- $3000

6,666 Drops ———- $4000

10,000 Drops ——— $5000


Wear a Band

Design – $50, then $10 for each other style

Music Distribution

1-10       11-30        31-100        100-200        200+

Jamulets (Suggested Retail: $20)

$10         $9.75         $9.5            $9.25             $9

StylePlay (Suggested Retail: $10-$15)

$5           $4.75         $4.5            $4.25             $4

Dapps w/NFC (Suggested Retail: $12-$17)

$8            $7.75         $7.5           $7.25             $7




Drops (Suggested Retail: Free-$5)

50 minimum

–                –              $1.25          $1                $0.90

NFC Upgrade

$2           $1.75           $1.5           $1.25             $1


 $100 OTS – 5 Jam, 5 SP, 3 Dap, 10 Drops

 $200 Custom – 5 Jam, 15 SP, 40 Drops

 $300 Custom – 10 Jam, 10 SP, 10 Dapps, 30 Drops

 $500 Custom – 20 Jam, 50 SP, 50 Drops

 $1000 Custom – 40 Jam, 100 SP, 10 Dapps, 200 Drops